Stress and IBS(D)

Usually when I sit down to write a blog, I have a plan or at least a specific topic in mind. Today I am just all over the place. I've got too much going on in my head and I just need a purge.
I'm home from work today with an IBS flare up. That doesn't happen near as much as it used to but it still gets me every now and then. Usually if I have eaten without caution or in times of high stress. Pretty sure this one was stress induced.
I've tried to reduce my stress (my doctor said I should!).

Stop choosing friends that bring me down: Check.
Remember to do things for ME sometimes instead of being so focused on making sure every one else is happy: Ok.... I'm working on that one.

But life is life and not all stress is avoidable.

Like work. I wasn't born independently wealthy and I didn't marry money so I must work. Some equally unfortunate people seem to get away without doing it but I haven't quite figured that out yet. Anyway, work equals stress. Here'…

2017 Vacation In Review

This year's family vacation with Rick and the kids was pretty epic. We packed a lot of action into a week.
Our first stop was a day in Savannah Georgia. We took a trolley tour to see the main sights. If you visit there you MUST go to Leopold's Ice Cream. You can bet there will be a line out the door but I assure you it's worth the wait.
After our day in Savannah, we hit the road South to Vero Beach Florida. We spent three days snorkeling, beach combing and site seeing. We saw lots of great things including various fish, crabs and a manatee while snorkeling. Brought home a few pretty shells. We also made our way through a treasure museum and citrus museum.
That by its self was a good vacation but wait, there's more!
Thursday morning we hit the road. The kids thought we were going home but instead we surprised them with two days at Disney. They've been talking about wanting to go forever and we were able to make that dream come true for them this year.
The saddest thing t…

I Am Not A Mom

When a woman reaches my age and has no biological children people speculate. Sure, it's none of their business at all but it's human nature I suppose. Over recent years I have learned that my fertility has been the subject of more than one discussion. Discussions I was not even part of. So let me set the record straight on this Mother's day so everyone can stop speculating and find something more important to discuss.
I am child free by choice. To the best of my knowledge, all my lady bits work just fine. Just because a woman chose not to have children doesn't mean she is physically incapable of doing so. Not every woman on earth feels the need to have a child in order to feel complete.
There was a time in my life, long ago,  when I toyed with the idea of motherhood. I decided, for numerous reasons including that being with the potential father was almost like having a child anyway, it wasn't for me. And here's a newsflash for you nosy people, I have many other…

So close but......

A couple posts ago I told you about the rigid heddle loom my amazing husband was building for me. Well here it is!
This thing it's huge! But, if you know my husband you know he doesn't do anything small. Once he latches onto an idea it's full steam ahead.
All he has left to do is make some shuttles then I can get my yarn or thread and weave away. Looking forward to seeing what I can do with this thing. So close!

Also in the so close department..... The kids lice situation. Last two visits Ricks daughter has remained clear while his son is once again infested. No doubt it's only a matter of time before the daughter has them again too unless their other household treats again to finish wiping them out and I'm not holding my breath for that to happen. So close to being lice fee! I seriously could cry.

Speaking of crying, my little hedgehog Mr. Quillington passed away. I will miss the silly little guy. Maybe I will get another some day but right now my hands are full e…

Grand Adventures

We are off to a pretty good start at making the most of 2017. In the past week alone we have seen the beach and the mountains. Putting some serious miles on Scarlett! That's something I love about the Carolinas, we have it all.
Rick and I enjoy beach therapy. Toes in the sand and the sound of the ocean. It's a good way to forget about your worries at least for a little while.
In the mountains we hit the Andy Griffith museum and a ton of antique stores. We do love treasure hunting.

Today we are springing forward into daylight savings time (yay!) and we also have snow. Not a lot, just enough to be pretty. If it had to snow on the weekend, this is how I like it. Beauty without disruption. Hopefully after this we can move on to some real spring weather. I am beyond ready.

Now off to plan our next adventure!

Random February Update

I'm ready for spring. Not this weather roller-coaster of warm-cold-warm we have been on in here NC lately but good solid, pack your winter clothes away, spring. Also Mother Nature if you're reading this, I could do without all the gusty wind too. Just sayin'.

In the good news department, the last couple visits from the kids they have had very few lice and most of those dead. Rather it was a miraculous change of heart or a forced hand that lead to their other home finally being treated I neither know nor care. All I know is that no child should have to live with lice when they can be gotten rid of with a bit of effort. We thank God for this improvement and pray it is not just a temporary show. Can I get an amen?

My husband is amazing. I told him I wanted a rigid heddle loom (just google it) but they are stupid expensive if you want one big enough to make anything of substance on. What does my hubby do? Immediately begins plans to MAKE one for me. I LOVE that we are both cra…

Hello 2017. We're doing this my way.

This time of year always makes me a little depressed. The official term is seasonal affective disorder. This is a real thing. The fun of the holidays is over and all the pretty lights and decorations go away leaving us to fade into the bleak gray doldrums of winter.
My birthday also falls within this season of drear. For quite a few years my birthday became something I dreaded. I fell into the mindset of thinking well, here I am turning __ years old and not a damn thing to show for my life. But one day it hit me like a big jolt of enlightenment from the sky that the reason I felt this way about my life is because I was judging my life by what I thought OTHER people considered success. I had been missing the point all along that what really mattered is not what others think of me but how I feel about the way I live my life. Am I doing what I believe in my heart to be the right things? Am I prioritizing things in my life that are important to ME rather than society? Am I fighting for wh…